Bobby’s poem, Sunday Bonnet, is featured in the 33rd issue of The Floating Bear which he wrote in  the Winter of 1966.  


The Floating Bear was a newsletter that ran from 1961 to 1971, edited in New York, NY by Diane di Prima.


The Floating Bear was published nearly every month and distributed by mailing list only.

It was never sold and supported by the editors and donations. This mimeographed newsletter would reach a few hundred people every few weeks.


Diane di Prima published the entirety of The Floating Bear newsletter in one volume in 1973 titled, The Floating Bear: A Newsletter : Numbers 1-37, 1961-1969.


If you’d like to read all issues of The Floating Bear, you can do so here


Sharon Morill's drawing for the poem, Sunday Bonnet
Bobby Driscoll's Sunday Bonnet poem
Diane di Prima's footnote in The Floating Bear: A Newsletter (1973).